On-Demand Advanced Statistical Analysis – Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA

Understand more advanced techniques of statistical treatment of laboratory data.

Pricing: USD 199
Duration: 1–2 hours
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About the Instructor(s)

Masha Petrova
CEO, MVP Consulting Solutions

Dr. Masha Petrova is founder and CEO of MVP Consulting Solutions, a company focused on bridging the gap between technical experts, marketing and sales, and customers. She received her Ph.D. in combustion chemistry from the University of California, San Diego.

About the Course

Learn more advanced techniques of statistical treatment of laboratory data. Through a combination of lectures and problem-solving sessions, this module will teach statistical techniques you can put to immediate use in your workplace.

  • Determining significant Systematic Error
  • Testing Variances
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • One way ANOVA
  • ANOVA in Excel
  • Least Significant Difference
  • Sampling
  • Multi-way ANOVA

Special Notes:

  • This module follows the topics covered in the Introduction to Statistical Analysis On Demand module.
  • Excel files of examples, demonstrated in this module, will be available for you to download.    

What You Will Learn

  • Enhance your ability to extract more meaningful data from your experimental data sets
  • Reduce the number of measurements required for certain applications
  • Learn useful and unambiguous recipes for analyzing data
  • Gain confidence in the use of basic statistical methods
  • Learn how to best utilize MS Excel functions to analyze experimental data
  • Improve your decision-making abilities
  • Understand the language of data statistics
  • Learn new ways to look at data    

Who Should Attend

Technicians, scientists, engineers, laboratory managers, R&D managers, manufacturing and production managers, and others who need to understand statistical methods for data analysis.

This course assumes knowledge of statistics basics, covered in the Introduction to Statistical Analysis on-demand module.    

Course Outline

  • Major Topics

    • Variances
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • One way ANOVA and ANOVA in Excel
    • Sampling
    • Multi-way ANOVA

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On Demand course modules can be purchased a la carte for $199, each. All modules are held on a rolling basis throughout the year to accommodate your schedule and budget.


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The registration fee includes seven days of access to the content, lecture slides (provided in PDF format), and email access to the instructor. Each person attending must register individually for this course.