In-Person Analysis and Interpretation of Mass Spectral Data

Learn simple and easy-to-understand LC/MS approaches for structure identification of metabolites, impurities, natural products, and biomolecules.

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About the Instructor(s)

Mike Lee
President, Milestone Development Services

Dr. Mike S. Lee is a biotechnology entrepreneur and Founder and President of Milestone Development Services. Dr. Lee has more than 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience.

About the Course

Learn about simple and easy-to-understand LC/MS approaches for structure identification. Topics include:

  • Practical advantages of LC/MS-based methods and MS/MS techniques, with straightforward tips for spectral interpretation.
  • LC/MS/MS applications for the structure analysis of metabolites, impurities, natural products, and biomolecules.
  • Real-world examples, including case studies analyzing Paclitaxel, Buspirone, Sotolol, and Butorphanol.

The emerging role of higher performing instrumentation (chromatography and mass spectrometry), software, and structure databases.    

What You Will Learn

  •  A foundation of knowledge on interpretation of mass spectra
  •  An overview of analytical instrumentation, analytical considerations and perspectives
  • In-depth understanding of LC/MS and GC/MS-based applications
  • Practical skills leading to the generation of reliable information for research, development, and manufacturing
  • Understanding of data hierarchy, information, and fast decision-making based on chemistry (addition and elimination reactions)

Who Should Attend

Beginners relatively new to the field of mass spectral data analysis.

Experts/managers in need of an updated perspective on current strategies and analytical technologies. 

Course Outline

  • Lecture 1. Structure Analysis Matrix

    • Definitions
    • Tools
    • Industry Trends
  • Lecture 2. LC/MS Overview

    • Chromatography Considerations
    • Method Development
    • Ionization
    • Mass Analysis
  • Lecture 3. Interpretation Roadmap

    • Retention Time
    • Molecular Weight
    • Molecular Formula
    • Substructures
  • Lecture 4. Template Strategy

    • C-N and C-O Bonds
    • Tabulate Formulas and Fragments
    • Create Substructure Template
  • Lecture 5. Structure Proposal

    • Calculate MW Difference(s)
    • Calculate Substructure Differences
    • Identify Modified Substructures
  • Lecture 6. Structure Refinement

    • Increased Structural Detail
    • Retention Time and Polarity
    • Chemical/Biological Knowledge
  • Lecture 7. Structure Databases

    • Substructure Analysis
    • Substructure Searches
    • MS Assignment & Prediction
    • Archiving Data
    • Technology Transfer
  • Lecture 8. Case Studies

    • Impurities in Drug Substance - TAXOL®
    • Degradant Analysis - Sotalol
    • Degradant in Stability Study - Butorphanol
    • Predictive Models

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