In-Person Chemical Engineering for Chemists

For scientists who need to bridge the gap between the research lab and the chemical plant.

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Duration: >1 day
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About the Instructor(s)

Todd M. Przybycien
Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Todd M. Przybycien, Ph.D., is Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

About the Course

Learn how to bridge the gap between the research lab and the chemical plant. The course provides an overview of modern chemical engineering and can be a valuable refresher for practicing chemical engineers.

  • Fundamentals – material and energy balancing
  • Practical, timely information on chemical reactor design, reaction systems, and chemical process economics
  • Process Details – thermodynamics, reactor design, transport phenomena
  • Process Integration – control and design

With the class and in small groups, you will learn to attack chemical engineering problems.

Special Notes:

Many topics will involve manipulation of formulae and will require some comfort with basic concepts in algebra and calculus. * Participants should bring a calculator and ruler to class. *    

What You Will Learn

  • Communicate – on a technical level – more comfortably with chemical engineers.
  • Develop problem-solving strategies.
  • Identify common fundamental problem types and scenarios.
  • Recognize more advanced chemical engineering problems, and know where to go for help.
  • Solve fundamental chemical engineering problems.
  • Understand fundamental chemical engineering principles

Who Should Attend

Chemists, biochemists, and other scientists involved in R&D, quality control, design, development, production, processes, pilot plant operations, marketing, sales, or management for whom an understanding of chemical engineering fundamentals can enhance impact on the job and/or open new opportunities. 

Course Outline

  • Overview

    Introductions; roles of chemical engineers; typical chemical engineering curriculum.

  • Foundations

    Process Material Balancing conservation of mass; systems; material balancing for single-system processes; rubric for material balancing; material balancing of multi-system processes; recycle, by-pass and purge; material balancing in systems with reactions; material balancing in systems with phase equilibria.

  • Foundations, cont.

    Process Energy Balancing conservation of energy; energy balancing; coupled mass and energy balances.

  • The Next Level

    Process Details thermodynamics (thermodynamic properties and equations of state, reaction equilibria, phase equilibria, efficiency); reactor design (reaction kinetics, reactor types, mixing); transport 

  • Beyond the Next Level

    Process Integration-process control; process design and optimization.

Dates, Locations, and Prices

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