In-Person Chemometric Techniques for Quantitative Analysis

Gain an intuitive understanding of how to properly develop, deploy, and maintain empirical multivariate calibrations.

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Duration: 3–8 hours
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About the Instructor(s)

Richard Kramer
President, Applied Chemometrics

Richard Kramer is President of Applied Chemometrics, Inc. He specializes in the application of multivariate analytical instrumentation and chemometrics for medical diagnostics, food safety, product authentication, and process monitoring and control.

About the Course

Gain an intuitive understanding of ILS, CLS, PCR, and PLS, including similarities and differences among the techniques:

  • The steps necessary for the creation and successful deployment of calibrations;
  • The pitfalls and tradeoffs, and how to intelligently use them to improve calibrations and produce better analytical results;
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each technique;
  • How to select calibration standards and assess the reliability of calibrations;
  • Which software capabilities and features are important for applications

The data-centric approach to the course topics does not require any special mathematical background. Concepts are presented using data visualization rather than equations. A basic familiarity with matrix multiplication would be helpful.

What You Will Learn

  • The proper way to develop, validate, deploy and maintain empirical multivariate calibrations
  • Strengths and weaknesses of CLS, ILS PCR, and PLS
  • The power and importance of working with factor spaces
  • How to properly use the quantitative software
  • Other analytical methods provided with your instrument or software package

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for anyone involved with developing, deploying, or maintaining multivariate analytical instruments or calibrations (e.g., chemists, spectroscopists, chromatographers, biologists, programmers, lab technicians, process engineers, etc.)

Managers of projects or operations that rely on multivariate analytical instrumentation or calibrations, whether online, at-line, or laboratory based.

Instrument designers and software.

While the course is focused on those working in an industrial setting, it is equally useful for those working in academia.

Course Outline

  • Major Topics

    • Important characteristics of multivariate data
    • Proper way to approach, develop, deploy, and maintain empirically derived calibrations
    • The importance of involving all stakeholders
    • Multiple Linear Regressions – CLS and ILS
    • Understanding factor spaces and the benefits of factor based techniques
    • Factor based regressions – PCR and PLS
    • The essential role of proper validation


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Mar 26

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