Online Live Environmental Fate and Hazards of Chemicals

This course addresses key concepts, processes, and regulatory guidelines employed in the assessment and communication of the ecological safety of chemical products.

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Duration: 3–8 hours
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About the Instructor(s)

Philip Leber
Owner, Tox&Ecotox Consulting

Dr. Philip Leber provides services to clients (industry, labs) in test design, chemical exposure evaluations, environmental impacts, and occupational safety.  For many years, Dr. Leber has presented an ecological toxicity class and a general toxicity course for the American Chemical Society. 


About the Course

Ecological toxicology is the field that assesses adverse effects in non-human and wildlife species resulting from chemical exposures via aquatic, soil, and atmospheric media. Examine the links between chemical properties and their fate (distribution and lifetimes) within these compartments. Particular attention will be given to the 3 parameters that define chemical behavior in the environment: persistence, bioaccumulation, and ecotoxicity.

Topics include:

  • Basic ecotoxicology principles and terminology
  • Laboratory and computer modeling methods for estimation of chemical fate and adverse impacts on the environment
  • Classifications and communications of chemical eco hazards to guide compliance with safety, product stewardship, and related tasks
  • Regulatory guidelines (GHS, US EPA, EU REACH, Japanese) for establishing ecological safety

What You Will Learn

The course provides descriptions of terminology and concepts used in the ecotoxicology field to provide attendees sufficient familiarization to:

  • Successfully function within the realm of chemical ecological safety, including coordinating development of new test data with external laboratories
  • Prepare individuals to provide ecological expertise when actively participating in regulatory and chemical development projects
  • To speak authoritatively on ecosafety issues to non-technical individuals and audiences.

Who Should Attend

Chemists, regulatory, and other technical professionals who have organizational responsibilities for reporting and communicating the fate and adverse effects of chemicals in the environment as part of regulatory matters, community safety, product stewardship, and product development.

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Persistence 

    • Impact of prolonged presence of chemicals in the environment
    • Chemical properties relevant to ecological fate
    • Testing and modeling of persistence
    • Chemical degradative pathways in the environment
  • Session 2. Bioaccumulation

    • Chemical properties conducive to bio-uptake
    • Testing for chemical bioaccumulation potential
    • Computerized modeling
    • Regulatory criteria for fate endpoints
  • Session 3. EcoToxicity

    • Testing and modeling methods for assessing adverse effects
    • Toxicity testing in multiple species– lethality, reproduction impairment, population declines
  • Session 4. Ecological Risks

    • PBT classification
    • Endocrine disrupting chemicals
    • The “Precautionary Principle” in ecotox field
    • Chemical risk modeling and GHS classifications

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Online Live

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This course will meet online for 4 sessions on Thursdays from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET. Course fee includes electronic access to the course materials and session recordings. Each person attending must register individually for this course.