In-Person Finding Yourself: Networking: How to Get Started

Diversify your professional contacts, find a new job, and advance your career through networking. Develop the skills and confidence to make every networking opportunity a net positive.

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Duration: <1 hour
Coming January 2023

About the Course

This course will help participants develop networking skills to enhance their job search and enlarge their professional networks to promote career advancement. Participants will analyze and practice communication techniques that create a natural flow in networking conversations and meet networking goals. The course concludes with instruction in creating a networking plan geared towards obtaining work in the federal government. Course objectives include:

  • Using networking to achieve career goals
  • Identifying networking questions types
  • Practicing strategies for effective networking

This is part of a two-part series on Finding Yourself.

What You Will Learn

After completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Plan networking opportunities to get hired
  • Use networking to launch a chemistry career that corresponds with their values and strengths
  • Network to identify promotions, opportunities for job changes, and award eligibility

Who Should Attend

This course is a part of the ACS Careers Pathway Series and is for members seeking to understand the importance of networking and master practical techniques to improve networking skills to enhance their job search and advance their career path.

Course Outline

  • Syllabus Topics

    • The purposes of networking
    • Cultivating a diverse networking
    • Effective networking conversations techniques
    • Practical networking tips
    • Locating networking opportunities
    • Creating a networking plan

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Indianapolis, IN

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