On-Demand Foundations of Chemical Safety and Risk Management

This online, self-paced course offers education on chemical safety concepts.

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About the Course

The purpose of this course is to offer education on chemical safety concepts for undergraduate students. The course is organized around the R.A.M.P. chemical safety concept - Recognize hazards, Assess the risks from the hazards, Minimize and manage the risks, and Prepare for the unexpected and emergencies.

The intended outcomes of this course are to encourage students to adopt a risk-based lab safety culture and to improve chemical safety awareness.

Instructor Materials

Foundations of Chemical Safety & Risk Management includes instructor materials to easily integrate the course into chemistry curricula. The instructor materials include:

  • Overview of 17 Course Units and Student Learning Outcomes
  • Sample 15-Week Semester Outline
  • Sample Lesson Plan

How to Enroll in the Course

This video demonstrates how to access and enroll in the course after you register on this page:

How to Navigate the Course

This video shows how to navigate the course on the Moodle learning platform where this course is hosted:

What You Will Learn

  • Describe the components and tools of a strong safety culture;
  • Apply the principles of RAMP to laboratory operations;
  • Identify methods to minimize hazards and risks in the laboratory; and
  • Outline processes needed to plan for emergencies.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for an undergraduate student with at least two semesters of general chemistry with lab and one semester of organic chemistry with lab. Advanced enrichments are provided as extensions for more mature learners but these will not be assessed.

Course Outline

  • Agenda

    Unit 1: From Rules to Risk

    Unit 2: OSHA and EPA Regulations for Laboratories

    Unit 3: Communicating Hazards – GHS and the SDS

    Unit 4: Communicating Hazards – NFPA

    Unit 5: Recognizing Hazards – Toxicity

    Unit 6: Recognizing Hazards – Flammability

    Unit 7: Recognizing Hazards – Corrosivity

    Unit 8: Recognizing Hazards – Reactivity

    Unit 9: Recognizing Hazards – Physical and Biological Hazards

    Unit 10: Assessing Risk – Laboratory Operations

    Unit 11: Assessing risk – Hazard and Risk Assessments

    Unit 12: Minimizing risk – Chemical Storage

    Unit 13: Minimizing risk – Hazardous waste

    Unit 14: Minimizing risk – Elimination, Administrative, and Engineering Controls

    Unit 15: Minimizing risk – Personal Protective Equipment

    Unit 16: Preparing for and Responding to Emergencies

    Unit 17: Risk Management – Capstone RAMP Assessment

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