In-Person Green Cards for Scientific Researchers: How to Win Your EB-1/NIW Case Workshop

Overview and personalized advice for those seeking to maintain their status and obtain a green card.

Duration: 1–2 hours
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About the Instructor(s)

Mr. Brian Getson, Esq., and Marco Pignone, Esq.
Immigration Lawyer

Brian Getson is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School with 20 years of experience. He is a leading U.S. immigration lawyer who represents scientific researchers in applying for green cards and his immigration law firm is based in Philadelphia. Mr. Getson has given presentations on "Green Cards for Scientific Researchers" at numerous major scientific conferences, the Wistar Institute, and at Universities. Mr. Getson often provides a money back guarantee to qualified applicants giving clients confidence that they will get results. See his website, for more information.

About the Course

Attendees will be given a thorough understanding of their situation relative to U.S. immigration law and develop a plan to maintain their status and eventually obtain a green card. The course will include a broad overview of all relevant laws as well as a Q&A in which attendees may ask questions about their own specific circumstances.

What You Will Learn

Course will cover all relevant immigration laws including:

  1. F-1 Student Status and OPT
  2. J-1 Status and H-1B Status
  3. How to qualify for EB-1A and NIW green cards
  4. How to maximize your chances of winning a green card through a self-petition.
  5. Strategy for managing immigration status throughout the process.

Who Should Attend

Any foreign scientist wanting to maintain their status in the U.S. and eventually qualify for a green card.

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