On-Demand High Performance Liquid Chromatography Basics

Gain a sound understanding of the basic principles of high-performance liquid chromatography.

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Duration: 1–2 hours
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About the Instructor(s)

Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson retired from Akzo Nobel Surfactants America following a 40+-year career as an industrial analytical chemist.

About the Course

This course will help you gain a sound working knowledge of basic, high-performance liquid chromatographic principles and develop a greater understanding of theoretical and practical relationships.

Build the expertise you need to choose optimized column parameters, detector selection, and separation mechanism for the examination of complex mixtures, and improve your on-the-job performance.

  • HPLC theory and best practices
  • Column optimization
  • Detector selection
  • Improve separation of complex mixtures

What You Will Learn

  • Move beyond standard operating procedures, and gain a solid working knowledge of HPLC principles and methods.
  • Build expertise that will help you choose the right column, conditions, detector, and separation mechanism to separate difficult mixtures.
  • Improve your on-the-job performance and skill set.

Who Should Attend

Ideal for R&D scientists and technicians or anyone who uses HPLC and wishes to have a solid theoretical and practical background in this technique.

Course Outline

  • Module 1 – Introduction

    • Introduction to HPLC
    • Separation Mechanisms
    • Components of HPLC Instrumentation
    • Commercial HPLC Instruments
  • Module 2 – Theory of HPLC

    • Selection of Separation Mechanism
    • Features of HPLC Chromatograms
    • Resolution of HPLC Columns
    • Resolution vs. Selectivity
  • Module 3 – Instrumentation

    • Pumps
    • Columns
    • Detectors
    • Ultraviolet
    • Fluorescence
    • Mass Spectrometry
    • Refractive Index
    • Evaporative Light Scattering
  • Module 4 – Separation Mechanisms

    • Adsorption
    • Partition
    • Normal Phase
    • Reverse Phase
    • Anionic and Cationic Ion Exchange
    • Steric Exclusion
    • Affinity
  • Module 5 – Qualitative Analysis

    • Retention Time
    • Retention Indices
    • Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
    • Infrared Spectroscopy
    • Mass Spectroscopy
  • Module 6 – Quantitative Analysis

    • Integration Methods
    • Area Percent
    • Use of Response Factors
    • Internal Standard
    • External Calibration
    • Method of Additions
  • Module 7 – Alternate and Optimization Techniques

    • Enhanced UV Detection
    • Capillary Zone Electrophoresis
    • Octanol / Water Partition Coefficients
    • Gradient Optimization
    • Methods Development Criteria
    • Computer Based Optimization

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