On-Demand Oral Session Presenter Training - ACS Spring and Fall Meetings

This training is designed for virtual, in-person or hybrid oral session presenters at ACS Meetings and pertains specifically to the ACS Meeting at which you will deliver your presentation. This training is updated biannually

Duration: <1 hour
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About the Course

This self-paced on demand training provides oral technical presenters with an overview of how to present at an ACS Meeting and demonstrates essential skills needed to succeed. The Oral Technical Presenter Training is part of the ACS Volunteer Training Series which was developed by the ACS Department of Meetings and Exposition Services.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize the key steps in being an ACS Meetings Presenter in a hybrid, virtual or in-person setting.
  • Use the requisite tools needed to Present in a hybrid, virtual or in-person oral session.

Who Should Attend

Member and non-Member participants who will be Oral Technical Session Presenters at an ACS Meeting.

Dates, Locations, and Prices


Early Bird Full Price
Member(Premium Package)
Member or Associate(Standard or Basic Package) N/A N/A
Non-Member N/A N/A