In-Person Process Chemistry: What Is It and How It's Done

This course gives the participant an overview of the field of process chemistry. Designed for professional chemists at all levels, this course will familiarize the participant with what a process chemist is and how they do it.

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Duration: 3–8 hours
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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Joseph Martino
Joseph A. Martino III
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Immaculata University

Joe Martino graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor of Science in the Comprehensive Program, minoring in Chemistry. He continued his studies at Villanova University in the Chemistry Department under the direction of Dr. Robert Giuliano to earn a Master of Science in Chemistry.

Joe was then hired by Arkema in the Additives group. He was responsible for the optimization of organometallic synthetic processes for transfer to pilot plant, for the exploration of applications development for tin catalysts in polyester resins, and for the optimization of processes for the synthesis of tin catalysts. From Arkema, Joe accepted a position as Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline. In this role, he was responsible for the large-scale preparative synthesis of multi-step organic reactions to synthesize active pharmaceutical intermediates for internal medicinal chemistry customers. Joe then transitioned into a medicinal chemistry role at GlaxoSmithKline where he was responsible for the synthesis of pharmaceutical analogs for safety assessment studies.

Joe is currently an independent contractor for the American Chemical Society (ACS), where he serves as a Presenter for the ACS Career Pathways series of career programming for chemists at all levels. He is also an ACS Career Consultant and has served as a consultant to the ACS Council of Economic and Professional Affairs. Local to the Philadelphia Area, Joe served as Chair of the ACS Philadelphia Section's Career Services Committee, where he was responsible for establishing a program of networking events for Philadelphia-area ACS members, a series of biannual career workshops and a Career Club moderated by local ACS Career Consultants. He has served as a Member of the Board of Directors of the ACS Philadelphia Section and is a Past Chair of the ACS Philadelphia Section.

About the Course

This course is an overview of process chemistry, which is a support branch of synthetic chemistry. A survey of what process chemistry is and how a process chemist performs their work is covered. Important topics covered include:

  • The SELECT paradigm.
  • A comparison of batch versus continuous flow chemistry.
  • Retrosynthetic analysis.
  • Process case studies from pharmaceuticals and chemical manufacturing
  • An overview of Design of Experiments (DoE).

What You Will Learn

After participating in this course, the participant should be able:

  • To understand the basic terminology of process chemistry.
  • To identify a batch chemistry operation and a continuous flow operation.
  • To appreciate the utility and importance of retrosynthetic analysis as it relates to process chemistry.
  • To gain exposure to Design of Experiments (DoE), and appreciate how this statistical method is used to optimize chemical processes, eliminate statistical and experimental bias, and develop intellectual property.
  • To appreciate the difference between performing synthetic chemistry at a very large scale versus the milligram scale.

Who Should Attend

Any chemist at any degree level who is either interested in pursuing process chemistry as a career path, is entering into a process chemistry role, or is currently in a process chemistry role should attend. It is strongly encouraged that, at a minimum, the participant has taken a full year of undergraduate organic chemistry.

Course Outline

  • This eight-hour course will cover the following:

    • Hour 1: What is Process Chemistry? Terminology, Concepts, The SELECT Paradigm.
    • Hour 2: Batch Chemistry vs. Continuous Flow Chemistry: A Comparison
    • Hour 3: Retrosynthetic Analysis: An Introduction
    • Hours 4 and 5: Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry -- Case Studies
    • Hour 6: Design of Experiments (DoE): An introduction
    • Hours 7 and 8: Manufacturing Chemistry -- Case Studies

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Mar 25

Indianapolis, IN

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Course Times: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM; Check-in starts at 7:45 AM on the first day of the course. Course fee includes a course manual and continental breakfast each day. *Early Bird pricing ends four (4) weeks before the start date of the course.