In-Person Soft Skills for Scientific Success

Uncover an array of soft skills that can positively affect career success.

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Duration: 3–8 hours
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About the Instructor(s)

Frederick Meadows

Dr. Frederick Meadows has more than 19 years of experience multiple industries including agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical devices, chemical, and academia with 11 years spent in a management capacity. He received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Georgia State University.

About the Course

The skills needed for success in carrying out technical aspects of a job can be gained almost wholly through education and work experience.  Acquiring soft skills for non-technical aspects of a job is not straightforward because they are not taught in school and often not obvious by the job’s description.  However, the combination of technical and soft skills is critical for career success.  In some instances, soft skills become more important than technical skills.  For some, these skills may be innate and for others they may be learned through self-awareness and training courses. 

The course will expose individuals to real scenarios from a wide range of work environments and highlight some of the accompanying soft skillsets for various positions and situations in R&D, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical devices, private industry, government and other areas.  Considerations for multicultural, multigenerational, cross-disciplinary and industries regulated by FDA, DEA, EPA are woven into the design of the course.

Key topics include:

  • Seven basic soft skills (Interpersonal, Flexibility, Leadership, Problem solving, Work Ethic, Communicating, Teamwork)
  • Strengths, weaknesses and blind spots
  • Beyond basics:  explore a myriad of soft skills
  • Compare and contrast soft skills needed for: manufacturing vs. R&D, bench vs. office, peer-to-peer vs. peer-to-executive, private industry vs. government vs. academia, generational preferences, organizational structures, cultural preferences
  • Real work place scenarios and skills variations by role, industry, task
  • Generational, cultural, technological preferences


What You Will Learn

How to :

  • Anticipate skill needs for specific roles and work environments
  • Create a development plan to obtain skills for future opportunities
  • Assess toolbox to effectively apply the right tools for the right tasks and situation.
  • Assemble right team with the right skillset to successfully achieve tasks

Who Should Attend

Scientist and engineers who’d like to discover the soft skills necessary for success 

Course Outline

  • Course Syllabus

    • Introduction
    • Basic Soft Skills
    • Current state: strengths, weaknesses, blind spots
    • Scenario #1: Typical Day
    • Beyond basic skills
    • Scenario #2: Compare/Contrast Environments
    • The real workplace
    • Scenario #3: Real work projects, processes…
    • Cultural and Generational Preferences
    • Scenario #4: Effective use of technologies
    • Closing:  Soft Skills Discovery and Planning

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