In-Person Writing Excellent Proposals

The course covers the basic principles of writing a research proposal and highlights common errors and misconceptions.

Duration: 1–2 hours
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About the Instructor(s)

Dr. Nancy Jensen
Assistant Director Office of Research Grants, American Chemical Society

Prior to obtaining a Ph.D., Dr. Jensen had 12 years of secondary school teaching experience, after obtaining her Ph.D she has 11 years of industrial research experience followed by obtaining a law degree and practicing patent law in 2 top 50 law firms and then as in house counsel in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Jensen has been a grant program officer with the ACS PRF program for the past 10 years and assistant director of the ACS research grants office for 3.5 years.

About the Course

The course covers the basic considerations of preparing a research proposal, provides guidance on obtaining information regarding available grants, provides specific writing pointers and highlights common errors and misconceptions.

What You Will Learn

  • Have a knowledge of the fundamental considerations in preparing a grant proposal
  • Be able to use basic resources for identifying available grant opportunities and collecting information regarding grant opportunities
  • Be aware of common mistakes and pitfalls in research proposal preparation and submission

Who Should Attend

Course is primarily directed to graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and early career faculty who are new or relatively new to the grant writing process. However, it may also be helpful to others who have had no success or limited success in getting grants.

Course Outline

  • Key Topics

    • Basic principals of writing a research grant proposal
    • Sources of funding
    • Organization and preparation for writing a proposal
    • Specific writing tips on regarding key components of the proposal
    • Common errors and misconceptions regarding preparing and submitting research proposals
    • And optionally, the PRF program as an example – this is optional and inclusion will vary depending on the audience and time allowed.

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