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Safety Mindset Video Playlist - This ACS video series was produced for high school students and it is also a useful introduction/refresher for university students. Learn about the elements of safety and the importance of the safety mindset in the chemistry lab.

Learn about best safety practices in academic labs with ACS videos:

  • Working in the Lab Alone?...What If?
    This animated video explores all of the safety requirements and scenarios when it comes to working in a chemistry lab by yourself.
  • Quality Data for Safer Experiments
    Laboratory researchers need to plan their safety and data collection practices to support sharing their work with the scientific community. The RAMP and FAIR tools help organize this work into a reproducible process that helps both the researcher and their peersh
  • Which Eyewear is the Safest for Chemists?
    Scientists have many choices when it comes to protective eyewear. But which lab specs keep your eyes safe from splashes in the lab? In this episode of Speaking of Chemistry, C&EN tests a few of the options available to chemsits.


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